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In 21st century most of us had a chance to go to school. We may still recall a relaxed atmosphere, enjoying school life, walking down the sidewalk on a spring afternoon, and reading books on the grassland. With today’s safety challenges, how can we prevent any suspicious actions from affecting our schools? We interviewed Schoolmaster George Melchers, an educationist who has been a teacher for many years.

ZMODO: How many years have you been a schoolmaster at this school?
G.M.: Oh, let me see, more than seven years, and this year is the eighth year.
ZMODO: I know today it’s the school’s 50th anniversary. I’ve seen many graduates coming back. Can you express your feeling now to me?
G.M.: Yes, today I am very happy about my term of service. Fortunately, no terrible things have happen to my students or faculty this year. However, on this special day, I recall that 15 years ago today, an unscrupulous thing happened to a girl, and she committed suicide. At that time, technology hadn’t come so far and we even didn’t know how to find out what had happened to her made her to choose death.
ZMODO: Is this a factor that makes you to consider upgrading the surveillance system?
G.M.: Yes, it’s true. But what really makes me interested in security, is the incident in April where a gunman shot some college students at a nearby campus.
ZMODO: What do you think about the cost of the system? Is it valuable?
G.M.: Well, I know some are reserved about surveillance systems because of the cost and maintenance. Nevertheless, I’ve done a research on several companies. Among all these, ZMODO is a reasonably cost-effective solution. What makes me want to try it is the installation and assembly instructions are simple and clear.
ZMODO: Do you think your current surveillance system needs improvement?
G.M.: Yeah of course the whole surveillance system in my school is not very sophisticated. It has several dead angles and lacks quality cameras.
ZMODO: Have you been considered where surveillance equipment will be positioned and whether it will monitor?
G.M.: Certainly, I have faced many arguments on this topic. Some parents feel that equipment must monitor any area in which foul play or illegal activity is likely to take place. Others worry that cameras in sensitive locations, such as bathrooms and locker rooms, are ethically irresponsible and are serious privacy infringements. Vandalism, bullying and violent behavior often do occur in closed-door locations. I have to find a middle ground.

When you have a child, you cannot stop worrying about their physical or emotional safety. Safety at home is always a top consideration when thinking about surveillance systems. We interviewed Mr. Preston Richards, a child psychology expert. He has two lovely kids, and also recently installed a DVR surveillance system.

ZMODO: Where do you live now? Do you feel you need to worry about your kids’ safety in this city?
P.R.: I live in New York City. Every day I watch the news about criminals, insane individuals, and child molesters. From my point of view, the crime level is really rising.
ZMODO: Which DVR system did you purchase from our website?
P.R.: I bought a 4 channel DVR with PTZ camera which I hear can pan and tilt very freely.
ZMODO: Can you describe how you made our brand a part of the purchasing decision?
P.R.: At first I aimlessly looked around the internet at all the different CCTV surveillance companies in the market, ranging from very cheap to expensive, cameras that can only be used indoor, or weatherproof, four channel, or 8 channel. Finally I got some good comments from one of my clients and a good friend that used ZMODO. So I called a sales person to consult about the types and functions. And finally I made my decision.
ZMODO: How was the service for received from the sales person, and are you satisfied with the product function?
P.R.: My sales person was very polite and I didn’t feel a pushy sales attitude. Regarding the product, I really think you guys make the operation on IR remote controller much easier. I even found various modes in function of recording, preview, and playback. On the menu it has multiple small features.
ZMODO: How important is the safety and security of any child?
P.R.: All children need a safe and secure home to feel confident and make developmental strides. If a child’s home is unsafe, they won’t take risks, such as raising a hand in class, or trying out for a sports team.
ZMODO: How did you explain to your child about the presence of the ZMODO surveillance system? Did they feel frightened?
P.R. : I just tell my son that this system allows us parents to know every time the door opens. This helps us to know if a door or window breaks or opens for any reason, including natural causes, animals, weather, and tree branches. If the alarm is triggered by the system, they know to stay in their rooms until we get them, and explain that the police may come to check that everyone is alright.