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Customer Testimonials
  • I recently (July 2013) purchased a Zmodo KDS8-NARQZ4ZN eight camera system from Newegg to replace a competitor's 4 channel system that cost more than twice as much as the Zmodo.Although I used the previous 4 cameras while adding the additional 4 that came with the Zmodo system, I was blown away at the upgrade quality with the Zmodo DVR system. The setup was easy and the software used in recording the video allows you to save in a format (MP4 or AVI) that can be viewed and shared without using a third-party program for conversion.I have a VGA splitter that connects a monitor as well as three various TV's for remote viewing and also have it set up to view on my computer network.
    Three weeks after installation, one of the cameras quit working and so I contacted the RMA customer service and spoke with a young lady and described the situation.After explaining that I had trouble-shot the problem and that it definitely was the camera, she took it upon herself to expedite the process for replacing the non-working unit.After emailing her the invoice verification, it was less than 48 hours later that a new one arrived at my home free of charge.
    After only five minutes to install the new camera, I'm back in business. No one can imagine my delight in such a quality purchase and the professionalism that their staff exerts.I have since ordered 4 more Zmodo cameras to replace the 4 competitors inferior cameras that I have.
    Zmodo, thank you.You now have a lifelong customer and advocate for the Zmodo product.

    —By Terry R

  • To Whom It May Concern,
    I recently purchased a Zmodo 16 channel DVR to replace an old PC based recorder that had seen its last days. After several frustrating hours of attempting to get the remote viewing capabilities working, I called your technical support line.Having experienced horrible customer support from most companies, especially those that have farmed their "customer service" overseas, I did not expect much help.
    WOW!, was I surprised. After an acceptable hold time of about ten minutes, I received a friendly greeting from Mitch. He spent the next 2+ hours getting my problem resolved. He used other team members, the internet, documents and his own knowledge to get my DVR networked properly.
    As ironic as it sounds, I actually had a trouble code on my store security system last night and I was able to view my cameras from home and verify that we had a phone failure, not a break in. It saved me a 90 minute round trip at 11:00 pm.
    Your great customer service and technical support far exceeded my expectations. I actually started feeling bad about keeping Mitch on the phone for so long, and I gave him several opportunities to terminate our conversation, but he insisted that he would give me as much time as I needed to fix the problem.
    Mitch may be your top support team member or all of your people may be equally exceptional, but either way, I will go out of my way to purchase any product that I can from your company in the future. Thank you, Zmodo, for amazing customer service, and especially thank you to Mitch.

    —By Bob Curtis

  • I love the system and it's capability of handling up to 16 cameras! For this price and the quality of the equipment, you cannot beat the price! I would recommend this system to all friends and family!

    —By Rick Manzanares ( Customer)


  • I priced other systems and this one is, by far, the best deal.

    —By Bobkirk47 ( Customer)


  • You offer quick and easy services for my business. The equipment is easy to use with a great format. The price is great and the cameras are the best I've seen.

    —By Rodney Carter (ESAP 24hr)

  • I got to tell you guys…you have it together! I brought the system up here to my office, plugged in the power and plugged it into a network port and whammo…it was instantly available on the network. I gave our users access to it and it was ready to go. Literally in less than 3 minutes. I highly recommend Zmodo for any CCTV system needs

    —By David Jewer(His Customer's Testimonial) (DVR Store)

  • Great products with great customer service.

    —By Michael Rabieh (Security Masters)

  • Was a breeze to set up and install.

    —By Sschiff ( Customer)


  • We have this installed in our house, and it has worked flawlessly! Just great product overall!

    —By P. Danielewski ( Customer)


  • I purchased this system to cover the outside of my home and garage. I was actually able to use 6 cameras to cover my outside and used 2 inside the garage.The images are clear and I have 2 cameras set to send emails when motion is detected. Also works great on keepingtabs on my dogs when I'm at work. There was plenty of cable. I didn't have to buy anything extra. I'm very satisfied with this system.

    —By W. Kirby ( Customer)


  • I bought this in June from Woot and put a 1TB hard drive in it (very simple) and I love it. I can check on my house from anywhere now, it records 24/7 and also records whenever motion is detected in a specified area. I also bought a microphone for like $8 and hooked it up so I have sound as well. The 1 TB hard drive gives me over 1400 hours recording time on highest settings with audio so a 500 GB would give you approximately half that, and it automatically deletes the oldest recordings when the hard drive fills up.

    —By Lukenm ( Customer)


  • Excellent value for the price. Rough-in set up accomplished in minutes. I am amazed at the image quality.

    —By Jrivoire ( Customer)


  • Quick set up good features, decent image quality. Peace of mind when away just pull out the phone and take a look.

    —By Zoomzoom ( Customer)



    —By Audenjj (


  • Hooked up system and ran all 8 camera wires in 4 hours. Could not be happier. Walked around entire house and motion detection followed my flawlessly.System is easy to use, simple interface but any option you would want. For the price I am really happy. As usual Newegg shipped immediatly and I am very happy with this puchase.

    —By Smoky ( Customer)


  • Hooked up system and ran all 8 camera wires in 4 hours. Could not be happier. Walked around entire house and motion detection followed my flawlessly.System is easy to use, simple interface but any option you would want. For the price I am really happy. As usual Newegg shipped immediatly and I am very happy with this puchase.

    —By Smoky ( Customer)


  • DVR is easy to set up and the video out options are excellent. I have a Flat Panel Tv hooked up in one rook via a standard RCA video cable, a flat panel LCD monitor on the VGA and a regular old tube TV hooked up via a 2nd RCA video cable. All show the same screen simulatenously. Android and iPhone apps work perfect and very cool! The PC-based control application works great both on the intranet and via remote internet access. We can watch the cameras real time from the golf course! zmodo website is very helpful with detailed documentation and installation videos.

    —By Vmswiz ( Customer)


  • Everything works great. Awesome price. Very fast delivery. Thank you

    —By Brian ( Customer)


  • Amazing four camera night vision DVR system for such a low price. Easy setup! Great first (or budget) surveillance system

    —By MJ ( Customer)


  • This is my first security system to install and it set up great, I am still learning all the functions . I am very pleased with the complete package and would recommend it.

    —By Ken ( Customer)


  • Awesome product & backup service.Seller awesome, Zmodo tech was awesome. Thanks

    —By Atruebrit1 ( Customer)


  • Easy install, everything works great! DVR is small, compact-which is nice.Cameras are built in a heavy-study aluminum frame. Very happy with the product.

    —By Tee ( Customer)


  • You are gonna laugh but the reason that I got this system was because my neighbor comes into my yard and I could never prove it. The first night I had it running I got her in my yard, I backed it up on my thumb drive and saved it to my computer. The police were called and my neighbor was spoken to.The system is extremely easy to work and it was the best money I've spent in a LOONNNGGG time!!!

    —By Mike (Testimonial from our Facebook Page)

  • Manual came through just fine, thanks!Also, it was the best manual I have seen the last few days, I have been looking at close to 60 different DVRs from many websites for over a week now. I am upgrading my security system. You have the very best manual thus far, well laid out, excellent graphics, easy to understand, very clear, excellent details! Couldn't ask for more

    —By Jeff (Testimonial from our Facebook Page)

  • I would just like to tell you that your customer support is second to none. Mike's knowledgeable but also very courteous. His patients with me and my lack of knowledge is commendable. If there is anything i can do to help Mike get a pay raise please let me know. Please thank him again for all of his help and patients.

    —By Jason W. Sheilds (Dooley's Pub)

  • Thank you so much for all your assistance with retrieving video from your Zmodo H.264 surveillance system! I wish more companies had a technical support center, especially one that is eager and willing to help. Because of your support & ease of equipment, I would definitely recommend you all. Have a Great Day!!

    —By Kari (Forensic video/Media Specialist)