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Zmodo 4 Channel 720p Wireless Mini NVR Kit with 4 WiFi IP Cameras & 1TB HDD


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This four channel NVR kit is extremely easy to use. You don't need to know deeply about computer or network, this time we've made the setup even more simpler. Four out of five people know how to live view on the Smartphone in minutes.

Upgraded Features:

Set Up in Minutes with SmartLink

New Smartlink wireless setup technology allows you to setup your system easily in seconds. There's no configuration necessary, just run the setup and the NVR system will communicate with your phone automatically.

More Features

  • 720P HD Professional

    View and record in 720p HD with audio
    Experience surveillance video that leaves nothing to the imagination. Record 720p video with audio for incredible picture quality that captures every detail.
    See more of your room
    The camera comes equipped with a 2.1mm wide-angle lens, allowing up to 105 degrees of the diagonal viewing angle. This means you can save money by installing fewer cameras while still capturing the entire scene.
  • Record Longer with Intelligent Recording

    Our new intelligent recording mode can save you up to 80% of your 500GB hard drive storage, leaving more room for what you really need to capture. Maximize available memory with intelligent motion activated recording, and get up to40 days of footage.

    Stay Informed with Motion-Activated Alerts
    Users can set up email alerts with snapshot attachments of the incident to notify them whenever movement is detected.
    Be in the Know When You are on the Go
    The NVR will trigger an instant alert once motion is detected—and begin recording automatically.
  • Introducing the MeShare Web Client

    When a 5" Screen just doesn't cut it
    You can view live video on any computer through our MeShare web client. No extra setup or configuration is needed; just visit the website, login with your Zsight user account and full live surveillance will be waiting at your fingertips.
    More Advanced Features with MeShare
    Enjoy the full suite of features with our MeShare web client. You can check and edit your alerts, manage your devices and accounts, upgrade your firmware remotely and so much more. MeShare is where simplicity and multiplicity meet.
  • A More Powerful Zsight Application

    Monitor without Worrying
    After the initial setup, the NVR will be uniquely identified with your user account so that no one else will be able to access your videos and camera without your permission. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your privacy and loved ones are kept safe.
    Save and Relive Treasured Moments
    Our Zsight app allows you to easily record video on your mobile device to save your most precious moments. Robust playback features allow you to relive and share those moments at any time.
    Never Unaware of your Loved Ones
    You don't have to be at your PC or NVR to monitor your property and loved ones anymore. With advanced motion detection and alert features, you will always be kept updated on the well-being of the things that you treasure most.
    Update your Firmware through your mobile device
    Updating your firmware has never been easier. Our app will tell you if an upgrade is available; all you have to do is tap a button and let Zsight do the job.

Camera Features

  • View in 720p HD

    Crisp and clear live view, recording, and playback, so you never miss an important moment.

  • View Clearly in the Dark

    Night vision offers a clear view in low light conditions up to 30ft.

  • Wide Angle Coverage

    With a 105° field of view, you can use one camera to capture an entire room without ever having to pan or tilt.

  • Connects to WiFi

    Connect the camera easily to WiFi, and place it anywhere in the room.