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Zmodo Introduces the Mini NVR System - Specially Designed for Your Home Use

Jul 15, 2013 12:14:23 AM

Equipped with latest QR code scan technology, this 1 NVR + 2 camera kit is designed for ease of use. The NVR looks like a normal router, and the cameras are the size of a normal smartphone. The small size makes it easy to fit in the surrounding environment. Another highlight is the hard drive size. The normal size of hard drive is 3.5 inch, but the hard drive utilized in this kit is a 2.5inch drive specifically for professional surveillance use. The hard drive really contributes to the size reduction of the NVR kit. If you travel a lot or will move in the near future, take this light mini kit with you, as it is portable and the size will never burden you.

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Mars Luo