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A New Wireless Network Era is Here

May 17, 2012 10:07:36 PM

This summer, Zmodo has begun an Innovation Revolution!

The days of laying wiring for surveillance systems is a thing of the past with Zmodo’s revolutionized wireless network.

Previously, when installing a DVR, one needed to prepare wiring for video input, audio input, video output, audio output, sensor/alarm input and output, not to mention numerous other accessories. If supplied with an 80ft cable, then the system was limited to monitor an area within 80ft.  If 200ft cables were supplied, then the system could only monitor within a 200ft area. Often, an installer needed to dig ditches to hide these cables, making installations very labor-intensive. Due to the analog signal of traditional DVRs, some obstructions block the signal, and a user has no other option but to accept interference.

Now with our new revolutionary products, ZMD-NH-SAN4 NVR and ZMD-ISV-BFS26NM IP Camera, there is no need for video input, audio input, video output, audio output, or sensor alarm input/output cables!

Anywhere you can access the network, through 3G, Wi-FI 802.11 b/g, PPPOE, IP/TCP/UDP, DNSDNS/ SMTP, etc., you can access the IP camera. With the cooperation of ZMD-NH-SAN4 network digital recorder, the IP camera delivers digital video directly to the NVR without obstruction from the surrounding environment. You can enjoy real-time video at the 720P (1280×720) resolution on every channel.

With this NVR+IP Camera kit, you may watch videos from different offices in different locations, such as Beijing, New York, and Singapore. 

Enjoy the world at your finger tip!

Click the below Video to know more!

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mark huang