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Vandal-proof Dome Camera


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Audio Monitoring & 1/3" SONY "Effio-E" Color CCD Sensor 650TVL & 3.6mm lens & 80ft IR Night Vision & Vandal Weatherproof Housing & Auto Backlight Compensation

This super high resolution vandal and weatherproof camera delivers clear, high-quality video with 650TVL and 1/3" SONY Color CCD. 24 IR LEDs allow for 80ft of automatic night vision. Anti-vandal mount ensures cameras work in high-risk conditions that sustain many weather conditions and even violent impact force. Built-in audio module can capture audio or voice within 5 meters's distance. With this high performance camera you can feel secure in knowing you picked a top of the line camera that will never miss a thing when monitoring your property.

650TVL High Resolution, Super Clear & Crisp Image with True Color

The high quality 1/3" Sony-effio CCD image sensor in this camera provides a clear, crisp and consistent picture at 650TV lines of resolution. "Effio" means "Enhanced Features and Fine Image Processor", and it is Sony signal processor which realizes high resolution, high S/N ratio and high color reproduction for security camera.

Up to 80FT Night Vision

24 infrared (IR) LEDs activate automatically in low-light or no-light situations to allow you to see up to 80’ away, and deactivate once lighting conditions are brighter.

See More with Wide Viewing Angle

See more area with the wide 70 degree viewing angle on the 3.6mm lens Cameras. Protect larger areas such as driveways, entrances, warehouses, large retail stores, parking lots, front and backyards.

Sturdy Weatherproof Housing

This camera is constructed utilizing professional grade materials for the housing to help prevent damage caused by rain and dust. The cameras can be mounted in virtually any indoor or outdoor setting.

Robust Vandal-proof Design

The tough and durable anchors, casings and lenses of the cameras keep vandals from damaging, obscuring, or otherwise tampering with your footage, enabling the camera to operate in high-risk indoor and outdoor environments such as prisons, transportation stations, parking lots and ATM sites.

Fog Won't Stop Us

The dual layer of steel glasses, standing before the lenses, prevents the lens from being fuzzy and blinding caused by fogs or other occasionse

Ceiling or Wall Mounting

You can mount it at ceiling or on the wall at any positions conspicuous or inconspicuous for the perfect viewing angle, either 360 degree horizontal or 90 degree vertical.

Durable Cable Plug with Low Impedance

The low impedance video power cable plug is designed to be last for long time use. BNC and RCA connections are used for video and power. It is easy to install hassles free and just plug and play.

Easy OSD Menu Control

The mini controlling joystick is designed on the video power port connection cable. Via it, you can move this joystick up and down, to travel from different functions icons on the menu to control color settings., and press the control button to confirm. It’s so compact and simple

Built-in Audio

This camera can capture different voices to help indentify object even though the light is not enough to capture the face detail.

Description of Basic Functionality

Auto Iris

Auto Iris Lenses have built in motors to control the amount of light that reaches the imaging sensor. Auto Iris lenses are generally used in outdoor applications where lighting levels are not consistent, and or where shutter speed changes are not acceptable. DC Driven lenses are most common in the CCTV industry.

Auto White Balance

This is a function that influences representation by the camera all the colors, in reference to "white" color. In automatic mode, the reference point for white is the brightest point in the image.

Auto Back Light Compensation

Backlight compensation is video gain done either manually or automatically to correct the exposure of subjects that are in front of a bright light source.

Package Includes
  • 1) ZMD-CDH-DBS23NA Weatherproof Vandalproof High Reso Camera
  • Power Adapter is not included. Please purchase seperately.
  • Note: High resolution cameras will consume more power than regular ones, so it's better to use the single power adapter to keep the power quality.